A gripping read packed with mystery, romance and suspense!


If you’ve had enough of predictable and formulaic murder-mysteries and you’re looking for something different, this is the book for you. 

Between Two Fires is set on an exotic fictional island off the coast of Saint Lucia and partly in Saint Lucia. It’s an emotionally charged tale of interracial romance, betrayal and revenge.

A captivating and entertaining read, it challenges the reader to ponder over issues that many of us are reluctant to confront, including the dynamics of female empowerment, gender conflicts in relationships and the waning of love in an age of extreme materialism where the trending mantra is ‘greed is good.’

It is the first volume of the trilogy, Dread Desires.



Rudy Phillips is the sort of guy who walks into a room and catches every female eye. He has a mesmerizing charm that women can’t resist. Bridget Tennyson, a stunningly gorgeous American is the latest chick he’s got his sights set on. However, she’s not the kind of woman Rudy is used to chasing. She’s a professional stockbroker and owns a highly successful stock-trading firm on an exclusive Caribbean island catering to the superrich. She’s also married to the famous British nobleman, Lord Edward Tennyson.

Bridget is crazy about Rudy even though she’s aware that they come from completely different worlds. Rudy feels the same way about her. What’s more, never before has he found the forbidden so alluring.

The big question is, can Rudy who is used to having women eating out of his hand, handle a woman like Bridget who is independent-minded, calculating and ambitious? They both know that if they slip up and Bridget’s husband discovers what’s going down, all hell will break loose but it’s a chance they’re willing to take.

Readers are Saying

‘Author Toni Williams is a master at submerging us into life on the privately-owned tree-square mile island … Williams captures all the nuances of navigating both worlds and the complexities of human interactions.’  Three Worlds, One Vision.

‘I sat on my veranda and read the whole thing in one sitting, all 466 pages. It has been years since I have done that.’ Ramona Baker, Goodreads.

‘A great murder mystery to keep you entertained.’  Stacie Williams, staciew30.blogspot.com

‘It’s wonderfully refreshing to have a new locale and a new take on a tried and true formula.’  Misanthropester.com

‘I found myself staying up too late and even reading while in the bathroom because I couldn’t  put it down.’ Igor Elliseev, Goodreads.

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